JCS® Referral Program

We greatly value our loyal customers. When you refer friends and associates to our services and they sign up with us, we'll add a referral credit to your account. This is just our way of saying "thank you", and it gives you the opportunity to obtain your web hosting for FREE!

How It Works

How It Works

When a new customer signs up, they must specify that you referred them by providing your name or referral ID. If they use a link from your website, this is done automatically. If you refer them by email or word-of-mouth, just ask them to enter your name or ID in the comments section of our order form or they can call/email and let us know. When the new customer makes their first payment, we'll add a credit to your account equal to 200% of their monthly charge. That's right, we said two hundred percent!

Example: If you refer someone to JCS® and they signup for a Silver hosting account ($19.95/month), you will receive a credit of $39.90 off your next invoice. It's that simple, and you can refer as many people as you like! We'll credit you for each and every one that signs up.

Referral's purchase:

Shared hosting package

Reseller hosting package

Dedicated server

Credited to your account:

200% of monthly fee

100% of monthly fee


Earn While You Sleep!

Earn While You Sleep!

If you like, you can also use a link to refer people to our website. By doing this, if the new customer forgets to say you referred them, your referral ID will have already been automatically recorded with the order and you'll be sure to receive credit.

The referral link will look something like this...

      To our main website: http://www.jcshosting.ca/?aid=999
      Directly to our order form: https://jcs-secure-server.com/order/orderwiz.php?aid=999

You'd just replace the 999 with your referral ID. If you don't have a referral ID yet, contact us and we'll assign you one. You can send people to any page on our website... your referral ID is automatically recorded. So if someone signs up, you get credit!

How much can I earn?

How much can I earn?

Well, for the skeptics, let's first look at a very simple example that just about anyone could do...

Let's say you refer just FIVE people who signup with us over the course of 1 year. (That's just 1 person every 2 and 1/2 months!) Let's assume that they all just get our most basic package (Copper) at $8.95 per month. That works out like so:

$8.95 x 200% = $17.90 x 5 people = $89.50 earned.

That's already enough to pay for your own Copper package for 1 whole year!!

Now, here's another example that's a little more realistic...

You refer 1 person each month who signs up for a hosting package. That's 12 for the year. Of those, let's say 5 get the Copper package ($8.95), 4 get the Bronze ($12.95), 2 get Silver ($19.95), and 1 gets Platinum ($39.95) . Watch this!

$8.95 x 200% = $17.90 x 5 signups = $89.50
$12.95 x 200% = $25.90 x 4 signups = $103.60
$19.95 x 200% = $39.90 x 2 signups = $79.80
$39.95 x 200% = $79.90 x 1 signups = $79.90

Total earned: $352.80

That's more than enough to cover a full year of the Gold package and almost enough to cover the Platinum!! This is a very real example. With a little work, this could easily be much higher!

As you can see, it's easy to get free web hosting with JCS®. Even if you don't have time to go around verbally telling people about us, a simple link to us on your website could easily save you hundreds of dollars!



We have the following rules in place to prevent abuse of our program:

Please contact us if you have further questions about this program. Thank you for your support!

If you are looking to sell hosting to your own clients, then perhaps our reseller program might interest you.

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